Employment Law Litigation & Counseling

Aside from litigation, legal counsel and planning relating to employment law is among the fastest growing areas of law. In the employment arena as much as any other, you can save money and headaches through careful planning.

Employment Law Litigation

In situations where litigation is necessary in an employment case, the lawyers at Gunderson, Denton & Peterson are experienced in all areas of employment law. Our attorneys have litigated race, gender, sexual harassment, and religion claims before the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, the Arizona State Courts, and the Federal Courts. We are fully equipped to file, litigate, and try such cases to conclusion.

Employment Law Counseling

Our attorneys advise employment law clients about how to clarify their employment relationships to prevent expensive litigation. We advise our employer clients how to minimize their exposure to employment lawsuits by careful preparation, careful drafting of employment contracts or company’s employee manuals, implementation of appropriate policies, and training. We advise our employee clients about employment contracts, and about the effects of Federal and Arizona employment law.

Sample Employment Law matters include:

Representing Employer Represented several employers in drafting employment contracts and employment manuals to protect them from potential claims against disgruntled employees.

Represented a prominent Scottsdale nightclub in a sexual harassment action brought by one of its former employees. After substantial proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, our client was able to settle the claim for an insignificant amount.

Representing Employees Represented a fifty-three-year-old woman in a sexual discrimination case against a publicly-traded national company. Our client was discriminated against because, unlike other employees, she was not young, attractive, and willing to date senior executives. After lengthy litigation in federal court, our client received a substantial settlement.

Represented numerous employees in matters related to their employers’ failure to pay their commissions or other wages. We have been able to use Arizona statutes, which require payment of triple damages if a company willfully withholds wages.

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