I am being denied unemployment benefits for “misconduct – violating company policy”.

I was fired for performing a VOID which caused some problems. I never found out if I did something wrong or if there was a problem in the software. I was denied unemployment benefits for “misconduct – violating company policy” for performing the VOID. I appealed this decision because there were never any company policies in place, plus I had performed VOIDs many times in the past and was never told it was against any policy. I think an employee would have to be made aware of company policy via handbook or signed letter or past consultation. The review board denied my appeal.

Do I have any recourse? I have one last chance to appeal this decision but think that I need some kind of legal example for it to hold any weight.

I have read through the Employment Security Law for Arizona and the Arizona Administrative Code and both either state or suggest that it must be determined that an employee knows, or should know, the company policy in question. This could not be determined (by the employer’s statement alone) since there was no policy notice and I had performed several VOIDS in the past with no objection from the employer. I stated these objections at the hearing, where the employer admitted that there was no policy handbook, and in my appeal but I was still denied benefits based on violating company policy.

Every point the AZDES gives for denial I can rubut, however, I need to know how to appeal in a manner that they cannot just disregard. I think I understand the AZ employment laws, which can be relative to interpretation, but how can I find precedence to argue my case?

A: It’s hard to give a definitive answer without more information about the procedural posture of your case. However, most likely your appeal is going to be “on paper” only, and you will have to make legal arguments based on the evidence that has already been given. You should carefully review the regulations on HOW to file your appeal, since it is frequently the case that non-lawyers get tripped up by procedures. It might not be a bad idea to have a lawyer look at your case to see where it is procedurally and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Since you lost at the lower level, there must be some weaknesses that you will need to be aware of. Our firm does handle these cases, but often the cost for a full representation is too high based upon the possible outcome. A quick review and analysis (which we also do) might be your best option.

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