Whats next step after eeoc RTS?

Filed internal complaint with documentation of sexual harassment/hostile work environment that had been allowed to go on for years. Dept. head knew it was happening due to prior employee turning over documents detailing the abuse years before. Dept. head made documents disappear enabling the the abuser to continue.I Went over Dept. heads position to H.R. to file my documentation and was fired 8 mos later after much retaliation that included one bad performance review where I was told by Dept. head that I had to many requests (am a server) and the other employees I work with (all much younger) were upset. In this economy how is bringing in repeat business a bad thing. Dept. head also claims to have had repeated employee meeting to address my performance ” issues ” but never names me.

A: Probably the most important thing to know is the deadline to file your lawsuit. I note also that you referred to younger employees. If you are over age 40, it is conceivable that you will want to explore a possible age discrimination claim when you consult with an employment attorney.

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Brad Denton, Mesa Employment Lawyer
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